The railhead
Tranships diesel fuel from the railway of a wide gauge to that of European narrow gauge.


Terminal services:
Transhipment of oil products and diesel fuel.

Projects and prospects:
Creation of additional services.

Railhead at the railway station Bruzgi …>>>

Equipment of the station

Weighting controller with ARM (workbench) for loading/unloading operator

Weighting controller ANACONDA is used for weighting of trains, consisting of different car models and rail tanks, either in static or dynamic (in motion) mode. So one can combine all advantages of static and dynamic weighting modes. Through unique adaptive algorithms, the weighting controller ANACONDA automatically identifies the type of rail tanks. In addition, the controller identifies and registers the stop and the reverse movement of the train on the weighbridge, after that the weighting continues in normal mode. Special digital filters register “mechanic noises” connected with the influence of the couplings, approach railway, wind loading, as well as other factors and dynamically correct the weight depending on train speed, position of the car in the train and driving direction. When weighting each car, the controller automatically chooses the method that enables the most accurate results. In complex weighing systems, the highest accuracy is reached through the use of several methods. 

The weighbridge is equipped with the software “ARM of the loading operator” (developed by METTLER TOLEDO, USA), the software is designed to process the data transmitted from the automatic weighting controller ANACONDA. The software can save, record, and process the weighting data, to send to operator, and to print. The weighbridge is certified by the Standardization Committee of the Republic of Belarus, as well as of that of Russia.

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