The railhead
Tranships diesel fuel from the railway of a wide gauge to that of European narrow gauge.


Terminal services:
Transhipment of oil products and diesel fuel.

Projects and prospects:
Creation of additional services.

Railhead at the railway station Bruzgi …>>>

Equipment of the station

Oil loading to the rail tank cars

The terminal has 16 units for tank loading UNZH 6-100 produced by “Kamyshynskiy development plant” Ltd. The internal diameter amounts 100 mm. Rated discharge capacity is 150 cu.m/h.

The unit UNZH-100-AS-01 is designed for top loading of oil and oil products to rail tanks. 

Peculiarities and advantages
The automatic limiters of loading level:

- Autonomous, that means it doesn’t need any additional power supply;
- After the oil level in the tank, set by the sensor, is reached, the valve is automatically closed, the loading is stopped and the overflow is excluded;

- The valve is closed in the mode “slow-fast-slow” that excludes the hydraulic shock;

- The sensor is fixed onto the unit using a clamp in any required height in order to set the limit of loading level in the tanks of different types. 

- When necessary, one can at any moment stop the loading, using the valve handle or a bush into the upper part of the level sensor.

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