The railhead
Tranships diesel fuel from the railway of a wide gauge to that of European narrow gauge.


Terminal services:
Transhipment of oil products and diesel fuel.

Projects and prospects:
Creation of additional services.

Railhead at the railway station Bruzgi …>>>

Equipment of the station

Fire-fighting system

The terminal is equipped with the addressing fire-fighting system produced by «ESSER-Novar Germany GmbH»
Conformance certificate No 0055714 issued by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus.

Fire security system Esser is used to rapidly detect smoke or fire hotbeds or to prevent fire on the object. The system contains control and indicating equipment (fire panels), through which the monitoring of the fire situation in the territory of the station is executed. The panels enable settings of the fire detectors and other peripheral devices. 
The system contains address manual and address-analogy heat and smoke detectors that can detect fire and smoke hotbeds and allow remote adjustment of their sensitivity and clogging rate. 
All the systems of ESSER-Novar are characterized by high sensitivity, ability to adapt to the environmental peculiarities, easiness of installation and maintenance. The fire alarm panels have special filtering algorithms of false signals that make them extremely reliable. 

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