The railhead
Tranships diesel fuel from the railway of a wide gauge to that of European narrow gauge.


Terminal services:
Transhipment of oil products and diesel fuel.

Projects and prospects:
Creation of additional services.

Railhead at the railway station Bruzgi …>>>

Equipment of the station

Facilities for oil discharging

At the railhead, the facilities for oil uploading USN-150 are used. The facilities are produced by “Kamyshynskiy development plant” Ltd. Internal diameter is 150 mm. The oil dispensing speed amounts, cu.m/h: light oil – 9,0; dark oil – 5,0.

Discharge capacity of oil products, cu.m/h: light oil – 570; dark oil – 300. The unit USN-150 is designed for bottom uploading of oil and oil products from rail tank cars. It consists of a jointed pipeline with supporting pipe branch and connection block. 

Peculiarities of use of USN-150:
- Double-row joints enable easy relocation without distortions by long exploitation;

- One can change the pipe gaskets without taking apart the joints;

- The tongs rotate around the connection block that enables easy fixing on the unloading unit of the rail tank.

- The jointed tongs, a special form of the connection gasket enable reliable, leak proof connection of the facilities to a defective or distorted unloading unit of the rail tank.

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