The railhead
Tranships diesel fuel from the railway of a wide gauge to that of European narrow gauge.


Terminal services:
Transhipment of oil products and diesel fuel.

Projects and prospects:
Creation of additional services.

Railhead at the railway station Bruzgi …>>>

Projects and prospects

Our company focuses on dynamic development of its projects, in the highest interests of our customers and partnerships.

JSC “Vilaris” invites to co-operation, to all companies that transport different types of oil products from Russia and CIS-countries. To countries that of the European Union, as well as companies that are interested in the expansion of our transhipment services.

In the nearest future, we plan:
- Upgrade, to lengthen the rail road trestle (from 96 m to 192 m). To operate 32 rail tank cars for transhipment of diesel fuel;
- To install additional tanks for storing oil products in the territory of the terminal;
- To create additional services: -Transhipment of liquefied gases.  Shipment of containers. Shipment of Chemical fertilizer. Vehicle transhipment, etc etc.